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Embrace grace in the midst of a divisive 2024 Presidential Election season by combatting anger with acts of kindness.

Partisan Extremism is on the Rise in America…

Gone are the days where moderates capture votes across party lines.  Artificial Intelligence threatens to further push centrists toward the fringes.  Christians contribute to divisiveness when they point fingers, something Jesus did only at those passing judgment on “sinners”. 

We carry stones anytime we lose sight of our sinful nature and draw lines in stone rather than circles in sand.  Fully grasping God’s mercy in light of our depravity means turning the other cheek, even as we’re being bombarded with stones, rather than picking them up to throw back.

When religious leaders brought the woman caught in adultery before Jesus, His response was, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”.  With “hearts of stone” they reluctantly dropped their stones and walked away. 

The Lord is seeking those eager to #DropMyStone and walk toward those across the political aisle – willing to understand, not just be understood.  He is looking for dual citizens – of a Kingdom and a democracy – to stem the deepening division in our nation!

We Can’t Continue to Respond to Division with Divisiveness…

Christians already face stiff headwinds, largely due to lashing out on social media at those with whom we disagreed during the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections.  Our ability to speak into our culture will diminish further if the tone of our responses to anti-Christian rhetoric reflects anger and not the love of Jesus. 

The only way Christians will regain our voice in the marketplace of ideas is to earn the right to be heard by loving our “enemies”.  Now is the perfect time, during this divisive 2024 election, for unexpected, counterintuitive, and jaw-dropping acts of kindness.

If Christians miss another opportunity to replace anger with Agape during this Presidential election cycle, the damage may be irreversible. In 2024, let’s choose a “ground attack” of kindness, not an “air assault”, dropping verbal bombs on political “opponents”

So far in this election season, that hasn’t been the case…

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